Check out our NEW 2014 product line featuring "The Original Hemp Lighter." We are proud to state that all of our products are made with the utmost care and exceptional quality in the United States of America. Thank you for shopping with Hemplights!

Hemp Pack Deal

Enjoy an assortment of our products with the Hemp Pack Deal. You'll get the Spooly hemp wick dispenser, the Wrapper dispenser, 200 feet of organic hemp wick, and (3) Hemp Books. This deal is for a limited time only and can disappear at anytime.



The Cadillac of hemp dispensers. It features an encased pre-wrapped hemp spool and works with conventional mini lighters. You will be amazed at the overall compact size, safety and easy use of the Spooly. When the hemp spool is empty, simply replace it with our pre-wrapped dispenser refills.

*Limited Edition: Yellow & Black (100 available)


The Wrapper

A full size dispenser that is designed to work with a regular size conventional lighter. It features an easy use, compact size and safety brought to you by Hemplight.


Jr. Wrapper

Junior Wrapper is the smaller brother of our popular Wrapper dispenser. Designed to be lighter and more compact, this dispenser works with a smaller conventional lighter. It features easy use, easy to carry small size and safety brought to you by Hemplight.

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Double Pack Combo

Spooly and Wrapper Two-Pack. Get the best of both worlds and save some cash. Select color combination available.


Spooly dispenser Refill (5-pack)

3’ Foot Roll. We here at Hemplight believe in making it simple: Our durable design and easy to install refills makes it easy to enjoy this product for a long time to come. Once you buy your sleeve in your favorite color, all you simply need to do is buy a refill for the dispenser. It’s that simple.


Big Spool

200 Foot Roll Our Spool contains 200 feet of organic hemp string. Big Spool is definitely one of our customer’s favorite products. It works great with all of our products or individually. It will last as long as you want it to, containing 200 ft. of string you can cut off as much as you need to use anytime. The options are endless.


Hemp Book 9 feet

Our Hemp Book provides 9 feet of hemp wick to use as a refill or for use by itself. Its simple packaging dispenses the hemp neatly and offer ease of use.


Beeswax Bars 1 oz

Our 100% organic beeswax bars offer multi-purpose use and a natural source of energy. Use it to make balms, candles, dental floss, ironing wax, lipstick, lotion, lubricant, moustache wax, polishes, soap, and much more.





*Lighters not included.    

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